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School of Computing & Informatics has endeared itself to the vision of being a leading centre of excellence in research, research and development (R&D) and advanced education in computing; addressing national and regional needs for information and communications technology and product development.   

Research at the School of Computing & Informatics aims to develop innovative solutions to the country’s and  region’s daunting challenges. These are geared towards addressing the Education needs of tomorrow (eLearning & mLearning), Agriculture (mAgric), Health (eHealth & mHealth, Bioinformatics), Financial Inclusion (Mobile Money), Natural Language Processing, Telecommunication, etc.

SCI’s research efforts are enhanced through collaborations with leading research institutes and consortia globally.

The SCI Research works are executed through the C4DLab  based within the School.

All these have been encapsulated under seven (7) main Research Thematic Areas as enumerated below:

1. E-governance

Sub-themes:  Open source, Mobile governance, Policy, Privacy, Innovative delivery of e-Gov services, modeling/simulation of infrastructure requirements (to match demand), Usability, etc.

 2. Mobile Financial Services

Sub-themes:  Financial inclusion, Policy and regulation, Security, Product development

 3. ICT for development (ICT4D)

Sub-themes:  ICT and Health / Health Informatics, ICT and Agriculture, ICT and Poverty, ICT and MSMEs, Policy for ICT4D

 4. Human Language Technology (HLT)

Sub-themes: Language Resources, Novel Evaluation Methods, -Machine Learning for Language Processing, Spoken Language Processing, Machine Translation, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, HLT related policies

 5. Technology Supported Learning

Sub-themes:  Adoption, Learning support, Methodologies for design and development, 

Policy issues, Quality issues, Impact assessment/ evaluation of e- and m-learning

Evaluation of learning, Collaborative learning and online learning communities

Corporate learning, E-Learning analytics, ICT in education management, Sustainability

Infrastructure issues, m-learning and e-learning for development

 6. Distributed Systems and Networks

Sub-themes:  Web-based technologies and applications, Service-based technologies and applications, Grid computing, Cloud Computing, Computer   communications and Networking, Wireless Networks, Security, Internet and Web Technologies

 7. E-science

Sub-themes:  Bioinformatics, Health Informatics


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