M-SOMA Boot Camp 2017

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Date and time: 
Tue, 2017-06-27 09:15
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BPO center

M-SOMA Boot Camp 2017 School of Computing and Informatics has partnered with M-SOMA to offer a boot camp aimed at improving the hands-on and practical expertise of students in Nairobi. During the boot camp, M-SOMA offers scholars technical experiences that are designed to help the students get the skills and confidence they need to become technical inventors. In addition to technical skills, mentorship is also a key element of the boot-camp. The value of mentorship cannot be overstated. M SOMA mentors take our scholars under their wings, allowing them to evaluate their skills, consider their blind spots and determine a plan for improvement. Being academically and professionally experienced they guide and inspire the scholars to feel excited, inspired, and confident about their technology skills. The boot camp is open to both University of Nairobi students as well as students from other institutions and runs from 9.00am to 12.30pm Monday through Friday. The boot camp, which comes to an end on June 30th covers a number of key topics such as Introduction to Programming(Python), Design Thinking and Ethics. This immersive and intense program is organized in collaboration with a number University of California Berkeley students as well as alumni of the University of Nairobi. ​

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