Distributed Group Management Solution [DGMS] for Distributes Enterprises

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It is a foregone conclusion that information systems have dramatically changed not only the way we do things, but even the way we think.

     The advance of computers and especially the PC in the 1980s, and data networks has heralded a new chapter in regard to information processing, storage, exchange and transfer.

     Organizations, governments and individuals have injected huge sums of money in installing computers in the offices and networking them. This has effectively improved on information processing and management from the traditional methods.

     Data networks from LANs to the Internet have provided a vehicle of data transfer that has not been known before. This has propelled organisations to become distributed by having multiple branches spread out within a campus, a city, between cities and all over the world using the Internet.

    Examples of such organisations include retail business enterprises such as supermarkets, Banks, Goverment departments, Educational institutions such as colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Police stations, Phamacy outlets etc.

    One of the challenges to this development is the fact that people have not changed from being themselves. ldeally people are social beings and need to interact whether they are in different locations or not. The interaction ranges from the usual formal meetings to the informal chat over a cup of tea or when people bump into each other along the hallways and corridors.

     However, in a distributed snenario the interaction becomes more complicated due to the distances involved. The big question remains: How can organisations leverage on ICTs to maximise productivity by enhancing and promoting interaction among people in the working environment?

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