Investigating Information Systems Security for Banks in Kenya

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Banks in Kenya have been automating their process to enhance services delivery to customers and reduce on the frauds that are occasioned by manual processes.  The rate of consuming information technologies by banks is unprecedented in Kenya.  Automation of services by banks comes with different ways of exposure to the frauds and they have caused the banks to incur financial losses and have their corporate image dented due to deploying information systems without implementing appropriate information systems security frameworks.

     The purpose of the study was to establish the challenges that banks in Kenya encounter in adopting and implementing information systems security frameworks.  Also the study aimed to develop an appropriate information systems security framework and assess the compliance levels for banks in accordance to the developed framework.

     The methodology of the study involved analyzing the existing information systems security frameworks, a study into the banks security requirements and design of an information systems security framework suitable for banks. The methods used in the field survey were questionnaire and document review.

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