A Case Based Reasoning Approach to Help desk System – (CAHESS)

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Helpdesk or system support functionality is of substantial strategic importance for all users of any system. Due to advancements in technology, organizations have started noticing the enormous potential benefits of applying ICT to this function; of special interest is the use of case-based reasoning in implementing electronic support solutions. Case based reasoning has proven to be valuable and successful in many applications, this project proposes a web based help desk system based on case based reasoning to assist in problem solving and retrieve exact or similar information required to assist a user quickly and as easily as possible. Due to the open nature of the web, the prototype developed for use over the World Wide Web provide both rapid focusing on a part of the help information and guided interaction when the user is unclear of problem domain and ease of maintenance is provided to maintain the domain knowledge in the system.

     In an effort to address application of case based reasoning technology in helpdesk, this project report discusses some of the CBR activities that make it suitable for electronic helpdesk. In an effort to achieve this, a case study is done with Telkom Kenya Limited-IT in house developed systems and case based helpdesk support system CAHESS was developed. It improves the speed of finding best solution to a problem and storing the cases (solved problems) for future use in the case base repository. The CAHESS system improves the efficiency of solving problem encountered during work with the organization systems; this improved the morale of the workers and provided solution faster.

     Beside the research, this project also involves the development of a case-based helpdesk system (CAAHESS) prototype to test the framework. The prototype system was created using C#. and ASP.Net for programming and Oracle 10g for the database and protégé for ontology development. The prototype and research were successfully achieved though not without a few hiccups like technological factors and tool support.


Case based reasoning (CBR), helpdesk/electronic support, problem domain, information and domain knowledge, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cases, ASP, Case Base, CAHESS (Case based approach helpdesk support system) and World Wide Web (www).

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