FOSS: Towards an Implementation Framework for the Internet Service Sector, a Study of the Cyber-Cafe Enterprise

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The software industry has continued to dominate the information communication technology sector for a long time now. For the last decade, it had been the fastest growing industry in the world of computers. Computer hardware designers have continued to improve on their designs to cope with the high demands of new and novel applications that come with improved software. To some extent, software has tried to replace hardware in areas like the entertainment industry. We have software that can enable you watch music and movies on a computer.

    The unfortunate thing is that the said software s prohibitively expensive for the developing countries. In trying to catch up with the rave in Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry, the developing countried have resulted to unordhodox methods to enable them realise the advantages of embracing ICT in both the public and private sector. This has the said countries appear in bad books in as far as international patenting laws are concerned.

     Fortunately, a solution is now available in the name of Free Open Source System (FOSS), which do not require a lot of money to acquire and maintain. Their licenses are free, require no yearly renewal and continued upgrades. It’s actually a Godsend solution for the ‘developing countries’ dilemma in the software industry. There is every need that the FOSS solution is embraced by all, especially those with limited resources to acquire and maintain commercial software legally.

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