Information System Failure Causes-An Investigation in Kenyan Organization

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Information system development failures still plague the software development industry desite advances in the development process.  Learning from an information System Development Project (ISDP) failure plays a key role in the long term success of Information systems development process.  In addition, learning from failure assumes a higher level of significance in the context of Kenya, a developing country since is is very important that the scarce resources are optimallu utilized.  This thesis reports on several causes of failed ISDP to inform the reader about the various compleities involved in information systems development projects in Kenya.

To investigate the situation of IS/IT projects failure, it sis critical to calrify criteria of success/failure, identify influential factors, and finally propose appropriate recommendations through realizing reasons behind the causes of failure.  The research reveals that managerial/strategic and cultural factors have the commitment and support of senior management, raise genesral awareness for IS/IT projects’ structure and funtionality, and foster a correct cultural context to prevent failure in this kind of projects.

The major aim of the research was to propose a model that outlines the major causes and indicators that may lead to Information System Project Failures.  Other objectives carried out in the research include;  investigation of various system development practices and finding out of factors that lead to IS development failures in Kenyan organizations.  This research was crried out by use of questionnaires and interviews to IS practioners and users in Kenyan organizations.

The outcome of this thesis is a model of several causes of failure in ISDP process.  A prototype system was developed from the model to help Project Manager gauge the viability of a project before and during the development.  This model enhances the understanding of the broad range of factors that influence the success of information systems development (ISD) projects.

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