Deploying AI:Machine Learning in Production

March 21, 8:00 am

Undergraduate Labs

Deploying AI


Undergraduate Labs

Calling upon Novices, Practitioners and Experts in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning! Want to gain in-depth insights and actionable strategies on the intricacies of Machine Learning in Production?  Getting to learn what it takes to solve significant problems that offer the highest return on investments using simple, low risk approaches in production environment, optimizing ML workflows and addressing complexity and data pipelines concerns and understanding how to make informed architectural designs on storage, data transfer, computation and communication.

Come join us as we welcome the team to the Capital City of Kenya: Nairobi and learn more from local industry key figures.

What to Expect???

• A Greeting Video Talk from Dr. Andrew Ng and the team from California. 

• Valuable Talks from Local Industry Experts in a highly engaging panel discussion (Machine Learning in Production)

• deep-learning,ai Swags and Stickers !!!

• Free coupons codes for’s courses on Coursera.

• Networking Hour with fellow deep learners!