Technovation girls

Technovataion girls is an international competition for high school girls being run in Kenya by the Safaricom women in tech .It aims at giving high school  girls a platform to showcase their problem-solving skills and to enhance their innovativeness .In teams of about 5,the girls identify a problem in their immediate environment and come up with a mobile-based application that solve  the problem.

To guide the students through the ideation, coding and design phases are mentors. This year, we have five of our students from the School of Computing and Informatics University of Nairobi, who are mentoring these high school students. These are: Tabitha Kavyu, Easter George, Gladwell Gitaka and Daisy Okacha who are in their third year and Martha Njuguna , a first year .The schools are the Kenya High School and Riara Girls. The mentors make an arrangement so that they are able to monitor the mentees progress, by visiting them at least once a week.

The first pitch is set to be in March and all teams are gearing up for this date. The girls are expected to have a working prototype by the time of the first pitch.