Welcome to the School of computing and Informatics

Prof Robert Oboko
Prof.Robert Oboko

The School of Computing and Informatics is part of the College of Biological and Physical Sciences. It
specializes in Computing and Informatics related teaching, research, consultancy, and outreach.
Currently, the school offers 1 undergraduate programme, 4 masters programmes and 2 PhD
programmes. The school also provides service teaching to other programmes in the university.

The school engages in research in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Information systems,
Distributed computing and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for Development. Some of the most researched topical areas include Health Informatics, Digital Learning, Data Analytics and Data
Science, use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Information Systems, Distributed Computing,
Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Smart Urban Transport and Urban
Spaces among others. Currently, the school has research grants and collaborations in a number of these
areas with local and international research institutions, development agencies and industry.

The school is committed to high quality and excellence in service provision to its clients, who are mainly
students, staff, research collaborators, potential employers, donors, other stakeholders, and the public
at large. To this end, the school has a service charter that is available to its clients, to which it is
committed. The school also adheres to the University of Nairobi quality processes in its service delivery. As a result, the learning and work environment is suitable for favorable learning and research experience.

Welcome to the School.