Vision, Mission, Core Values

The School of Computing and Informatics seeks to be a leading centre of excellence in research, research and development (R&D) and advanced education in computing; addressing national and regional needs for information and communications technology and product development.

This vision shall be achieved through:

  • Research
    This is the primary activity of the School of Computing and Informatics, upon which success and quality of all other activities will hinge. We aim to institute a dynamic programme of aggressive research in our core areas of competence: information systems, distributed systems and artificial intelligence, in line with national and regional priorities.

  • Teaching and Learning
    To produce high quality, well-rounded, sophisticated graduates who are productive, innovative, work effectively with academic and industrial partners and capable of lifelong learning. Our courses will be developed and delivered to a high standard of educational and technological competence.

  • Consultancy
    To engage productively with the public and private sector to solve problems of national or organisational economic importance in order to foster progress in our environment.

  • Research and Development and Extension Services
    Based on sound research, relevant teaching, and problem solving experience gained through consultancy opportunities, to develop training programmes, policies, methodologies and information technology software and hardware products for the local, regional and international market and increase awareness of the same in the community at large.


  • Our Core Values

  • To care about:

    • Our students and their need for

    • Quality education

    • Academic counselling

    • Welfare support

    • Extra curricular activities

    • Our staff and their need for

    • Respect

    • Training and development

    • Recognition and reward

    • Projecting a favourable image nationally and internationally

    • Participating in the life of the community at large

    • Carrying out our duties with responsibility and integrity