The UoN Faculty of  Science  &Technology had the distinct honour to host a workshop on index-based livestock insurance. The blended conference was held at the University Of Nairobi,Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies on January  25th -26th,2023 and was marked through a series of activities;  Keynote presentations by international industry experts, discussions and engagements around the issue of insuring pastoralists and their livestock against drought.

The workshop aimed to further develop the research, learning and capacity development agenda around index-based livestock insurance concerning technical capacity, product quality, commercialization and pastoralist welfare.

The principal secretary of the state department of livestock, Mr. Harry Kimtai in his remarks articulated the government's commitment to the livestock-based insurance indexed program.  “There has been a notable positive experience from the Kenya Livestock Insurance Program. The Government is at the frontline in scaling IBLI and is committed to strengthening the private sector through Public Private Partnerships. Therefore, the Government supports research on livestock insurance, especially involving all Livestock insurance ecosystem actors, including Public officials, the private sector, civil society and academia''. said the principal secretary in his sentiments.

Speaking during the opening ceremony UoN, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama acknowledged the need for continued research and investments to deepen knowledge and capacity in product design and quality, effective delivery of the livestock insurance product at the last mile, and commercialization and sustainable business cases for the private sector. Prof . Kiama noted the need for Collaborative research across universities and research institutions as a key pillar in developing innovative solutions.

The Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology; Prof. Leonida Kerubo while welcoming participants to the University of Nairobi highlighted the need for such workshops to ensure knowledge is passed down. The Dean wished all the participants fruitful discussions and straightening of the existing ones.

Some of the organizations and institutions attending the workshop included the African Development Bank, Cornell University, Utrecht University, The State Department of Livestock, World Bank, Apa insurance, Oromia Insurance World Food Programme, Agency for Inclusive Development, International Livestock Research Institute, Takafu Insurance of Africa, Islamic Relief & ZEP-RE