Welcome to the The Faculty of Science & Technology

Our vision as a Faculty is to be the premier international African Centre of excellence in pursuit

of knowledge generation, preservation, dissemination and application in Science and

Technology. This includes training, research, income generation and consultancy in the areas of

biology, chemisttry and physics, mathematical sciences, biochemistry,

computer science, and earth and climate change sciences.

The Faculty offers a diverse range of academic programmes, short courses, and activities in six

academic units, one research unit namely; department of biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, earrth and climate sciences, mathematics, computer science and Centre of Excellence in Computing for Development (C4D).

. The faculty also has a science workshop and the Faculty library

The Faculty has one of the largest concentrations of basic science scholars (230) in the country

today; 80% are PhD holders, and 20% MSc holders. Of the above academic staff complement,

about one-third are professors. The rich mix of highly qualified academic and support staff

members, teaching and research infrastructure, and serene environment, has made the faculty

a centre of intellectual life, a locus of research activities and a place for professional

development and community service.