2023 NIW -Technology & Innovation in the Evolving Job Market.

The 2023 Nairobi Innovation Week place took place on 17th-19th May 2023 On the 17th of May 2023. The three day event provided an opportunity for innovators, start-ups, entrepreneurs, government agencies, funders and academia to showcase their innovations, products, programmes and services all contributing to growing the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Among the many events, a panel discussion themed ‘Technology & Innovation in the Evolving Job Market’ was held Taifa Hall.

During this interactive hybrid panel discussion each panel held talks on issues relating to the digital world and how in the 21st century, technology and innovation are intertwined and directly affected the current job market. Ms. Jacqueline Wangeci gave a detailed presentation on the digital marketing world, emphasizing the importance that digital marketing has in a variety of careers and is no longer just placed within fields related to ICT. “As the job market is within our current times, no career or industry is able to function without the inclusion of digital marketing, it is becoming more relevant every day.”

Mr. Livingstone Makori gave his presentation on how ‘Personal Branding for Employment in the digital space’, emphasizing the need to make one define a unique value proposition, consider what sets you apart from others and how you can communicate that effectively through your personal brand. Furthermore expounding on the importance of also ensuring you curate a consistent online presence.

Mr. Brian Bosire gave a rather intriguing presentation to an eager audience of mostly students, on ‘Careers at Teach for Kenya’. With the current job market, the search for a job is an increasing crisis for the youth and one that they welcome any knowledge they can attain in order to make themselves more competitive in the market. Mr. Brian advised the very attentive audience on the importance of embracing the power of technology, especially in solving local challenges such as improving access to healthcare, education, agriculture or financial innovations.

The discussion concluded with Mr. Joy Kiptim giving a presentation with a focus on research and the unlimited importance and knowledge research can give us. Emphasizing that, research fuels innovation and drives progress, research plays a critical role in driving innovation and progress in any field, including technology and entrepreneurship.



Mr. Johnson Kinyua, Dean of Students, UoN also gave the audience an encouraging word and piece of advice when it comes to navigating the job market. “Digital skills are necessary regardless of what academic field you are studying, and the Kenya tech market is very promising and in great need of fresh minds like yourselves, there is a new field you can tap into.

The 3 day event was well attended and it provided a platform for local and international innovators to showcase innovations and build business networks.