The world marked 2020 World Aids Day on 1st December 2020. COVID 19 pandemic may have accelerated the global HIV pandemic which will have devastating impact globally.

The University of Nairobi marked this ceremony virtually. Speaking during the Ceremony, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama noted medical discoveries have continued to expand preventive medicines thus improving the lives of those living with HIV.He also noted the University has a HIV/AIDS/ policy that provides care and support for the infected and affected students and staff living with HIV/AIDS. Prof. Kiama also noted that ’as we escalate our efforts to eradicate COVID, we should also not forget HIV which is far from over. If we do that we will lose the gains, we have done so far.

On his part, Prof. Omu Anzala noted some achievements have done on HIV prevention strategies like targeted testing, early initiation of therapy and assisted partner notification. He noted the pace of progress in eliminating the HIV/AIDS epidemic is still not matching our global ambitions. In his conclusion. Prof Anzala noted HIV vaccine will guarantee a sustained end of this pandemic.

Dr. Loice Achieng gave a presentation on impact of HIV on Covid. The impact of COVID on patients include the fear on whether the patients were at higher risk of infections and how to protect themselves. She urged people to get tested-treat all-end mother to child Transmission-PrEp pre-exposure prophylaxis-test and treat STI-use condoms.

World Aids day is marked every 1st December