Earlier last year on November, 2015 I participated in the Europe, Middle East and Africa Women TechMakers competition. Honestly, I never wanted to participate but then my good friend convinced me to, so I decided to participate. So the requirement for participation was to fill an online form, submit your school transcripts , get referees to write good things about you and the most difficult part was writing 4 essays on different topics which were outlined.

London Google offices in the UK
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Intel Nervana AI Academy ensures that universities have access to optimized frameworks and technologies, hands on training and workshops to students and developers.

Intel student ambassadors are provided with technical support, resources and marketing to train students in the university on Artificial Intelligence using Intel optimized tools.

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BPO center
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Prof.Dorothea Klein and her Sheffield University colleagues visiting school of computing and Informatics. The aim is to explore research collaborations.

Prof.Dorothea’s research investigates sustainable human development, global justice, and the potential role of digital technologies in making progress towards these aims.

Her key research interests are:

sci boardroom
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