EURAXESS Africa Day, which was organized jointly with EURAXESS, EUDEL in Kenya and the Faculty of Science and Technology (University of Nairobi), was held on Thursday, 11th May 2023 at the University of Nairobi Towers 

The purpose of the event was to encourage African research organizations to take part in Horizon Europe, particularly in Pillar I, which deals with mobility, and Pillar II, which deals with joint projects; and to bring together researchers from Kenya to promote research collaboration, share information on research opportunities and challenges, and identify strategies to address these challenges.

EURAXESS Africa is an initiative of the European Commission established with the aim to provide free access to information about research in Europe, opportunities for research funding, international collaboration and trans-national mobility. It links researchers in Africa to Europe. 

The objectives of the event were to promote research collaboration and networking between Kenyan and European researchers, provide information about research funding opportunities, fellowships, and mobility programs available through EURAXESS. Workshops were conducted on research funding opportunities and mobility programs available through Horizon Europe in Pillar 1 and Africa Initiative II in Pillar 2. A practical workshop was also organized, related to the use of the EURAXESS Portal and the Funding and Tenders Opportunities portal

The training workshop  also featured a hands-on training session with a variety of exercises, including learning how to use the EURAXESS site, the Funding and Tenders Opportunities portal, the PIC number (Registration of Organizations on the site), and more. Studying a call topic, comprehending the submission format, and looking for collaborators 

The event was attended by over 100 participant was present both online and onsite.

In addition to fostering collaboration with Europe, the success of this event will surely aid Kenyan scholars in developing their careers and fields of study.