SAY NO TO LEAD POSISONING-The 10th International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

University of Nairobi joined Kenya and the world in marking the 10th International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action that takes place in the last week of October every year. 23rd-29 Oct 2019

This year marks the 10th anniversary (2013) under the leadership of UNEP and the World Health Organization. Kenya is one of the eleven-member countries on the advisory council of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint under the representation of Dr. Faridah Hussein Were.  A lot of progress has been made and Kenya is among the 45% of countries in the world with a legal limit to regulate lead paints.

Students from the Department of Chemistry and staff from the university took part in the 10 km walk to bring awareness to the effects of lead poisoning.  All speakers emphasized on the need to ban lead from the paint because it is poisonous and to take action and create a world where adults and children are no longer suffering from the effects of lead exposure. Every year an estimated 900,000 die from lead exposure. Lead exposure leads to severe health issues, which include high blood pressure and brain, kidney, and reproductive health issues 

The 10 km walk was flagged off by the Dean Prof. Leonida Kerubo .the Road Show involved about 500 participants on a designated 10 km route within the Central Business District. This was led by the National Band, Zangalewa dancers, St, Johns First Aiders/Ambulance, Acrobats, Police Riders and Scouts. Different awareness materials and information (banners, posters, placards, and fliers) were displayed and shared.

The ceremony also included presentation of awards to commemorate the heroes and heroes who have committed and have made a substantial contribution to the global phase-out of lead paint in Kenya for the last 10 years.

Among the Awardees was Basco paints for active participation, sponsorship and contribution towards the global phase out of lead paint, UNEP for Active Participation Support and Leadership towards the global phase-out Lead Paint Dr Farida Were For co-ordination and contribution towards the global phase-out of Lead Paint among others.