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Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Mobile Money


2012 View Details
Research Commercialization

Simon Fraser University/DFAIT

2012 View Details
Online Language Technology Resources

Ford Foundation/Nnamdi Azikwe University Nigeria/ Bard College NY,USA


2012 View Details
Innovative Application Of Ictsiin Addressing Water-related Impacts Of Climate Change 2012 View Details
Software Development Subcontracting And Usability Lab

Nokia Research Centre

2011 View Details
Diasporas And Distributed Computing


2010 2013 US$45,000 View Details
Regional Mobile Applications Lab

World Bank’s Infodev, Finnish Foreign Ministry and Nokia

2010 2013 US$200,000 View Details
Regional Mobile Applications Lab

World Bank’s Infodev, Finnish Foreign Ministry and Nokia

2010 2013 US$200,000 View Details
Utilities For The Blind And Visually Impaired

Kenya Society for the Blind 

2010 2012 KSh 800,000 View Details
Mobile Application Development For Spurring Technological Growth


2010 2011 US$ 15,000 View Details
Design Thinking

Liberation Technologies, Stanford University, Nokia


2010 KSh 3M View Details
African Network For Localization

Zuza Software Foundation

2009 KSh 1.2M View Details
Bpo Critical Success Factors


2008 2009 CanD 80,000 View Details
Poverty And Information & Communication Technology Systems In Urban And Rural Eastern-africa 2006 2010 CanD 350,000 View Details
Natural Language Database Querying And Database Ontologies Dr. Katherine Getao/ Mr. Lawrence Muchemi (PI) 2006 5,000 View Details
Requirements Analysis Methodologies For Organizational Disaster Management ICDC Investments Ltd Dr. Katherine Getao (PI) 2006 5,000 View Details
African Virtual Open Initiative And Resourcses ( Avoir) University of Western Cape Dr. Elijah Omwenga (PI) 2005 15,085 View Details
Social Informatics Mr. Samuel Njuguna Ruhiu (PI) 2005 View Details
Learning Support In E-learning UoN; VLIR Mr. Robert Oboko (PI) 2005 35,714 View Details
E-learning Content Development For Science And Engineering Education UNESCO / ANSTI Dr. Elijah Omwenga (PI) 2004 2004 3,676 View Details
Pilot E-content Development Training UNESCO / ANSTI Dr. Elijah Omwenga (PI) 2004 2004 1,674 View Details
Implementation Of Information Systems: Case: Universities In Kenya UoN; VLIR Ms. Agnes Wausi (PI) 2004 35,714 View Details
Natural Language Data Mining Using Adaptive Computing Methodologies Dr. Katherine Getao / Mr. Evans Miriti (PI) 2004 10,000 View Details
Computer Based Abc Frameworks For Model Ii Programmes Natioal Council for Science and Technology ( NCS&T) 2003 5,714 View Details
Asynchronous Distributed Knowledge Spaces: Increasing Access To Higher Education Opportunities DAAD; UoN; UPB 2003 42,654 View Details
Activity Based Costing UoN; DAAD Mrs. Euphraith Muthoni Masinde (PI) 2003 View Details
Application Of A Multi-agent System For Resource Allocation With Quality Of Service Guarantees - Ph.d. Mr. Eric Ayienga (PI) 2003 View Details
Multi-agents In Resource Allocation UoN; VLIR
Mr. Eric Masiga Ayienga (PI)
2002 35,714 View Details
Multi-agents For Scheduling Problems UoN; VLIR Mr. ElishaToyne Omulo Opiyo (PI) 2002 35,714 View Details
Implementation Of A Demonstration Clearinghouse INTERGOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY ON DEVELOPMENT (IGAD) / Dr. K. Getao 2000 2001 36,662 View Details
Regional Programme For Trainers Of Information Analysts In Africa (reptiaa). COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT/Dr. K.W. Getao 1994 1996 257,143 View Details
Directory Of Specialized Informatics Institutions And Informatics Personnel In Africa. UNESCO/ROSTA / Dr. K. Getao 1992 1994 8,000 View Details
East And Southern Africa Network (esanet). Regional Telematics Project INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTRE (IDRC)/Dr. K.W. Getao 1990 1993 View Details
Microcomputers In Teaching And Research Government of Kenya/Overseas Development/Dr. K.W. Getao 1988 1991 1,933,715 View Details
Infrastructure Development Government of Kenya/World Bank/ Dr. K.W. Getao 1988 1989 67,143 View Details
Annual Support For Postgraduate Diploma In Computer Science UNESCO/Dr. K.W. Getao 1985 1989 9,000 View Details
Regional Ict Policies And E-strategies - Generic Frameworks Prof. Rodrigues Anthony J. (PI) View Details
Regional And National Ict Capacity Matrix Models: Appropriate Indicators For Developing Countries Prof. Rodrigues Anothony (PI) View Details
Global And Regional Spatial Data Infrastructures: Managing Resources Of Developing Countries Prof. Rodrigues Anthony J. (PI) View Details
Technology Foresight: Diffusion Models And Growth Models Prof. Rodrigues Anthony J. (PI) View Details
Ict And Poverty Alleviation: The Techno-economic And Social Dilemmas Prof. Rodrigues Anthony J. (PI) View Details
Bio-mathematics/information:growth Models For Trees: Impact Of Various Fauna Prof. Rodrigues Anthony J. (BI) View Details
Ict For Development: Appropriate Icts Uptake For Development Countries Mr. Samuel Ruhiu (PI) View Details
Technology Foercasting: Towards Ict Policies For Developing Countries Using Technology Forecasting Mr. Samuel Ruhio (PI) View Details
E-learning Technologies Dr. Omwenga Elijah (PI) View Details
University Investment Project, Sub-project: Provision For Computer Diagnostics GOVERNMENT OF KENYA/WORLD BANK / Dr. K. Getao 1,015,000 View Details
Donation Of Ncr Tower Model 32/ 4005 Workstations, Unix, Suite Of Software NATIONAL CASH REGISTER/UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI/ Dr. K. Getao 22,857 View Details
The Use Of Icts For Science And Engineering Education In The Africanregion: Status And Intervention System Models Dr. Elijah Omwenga (PI) View Details
Computer Network Security Ms. Eva Mwangi (PI) View Details
Fingerprint Verifying System Intergration With A Sacco System Mr.Daniel Orwa (PI) View Details
Ph.d Proposal Development In The Area Of Distributed Multimedia Mr. Daniel Orwa (PI) View Details
Secure Wireless Transaction System Mr. Chepken (PI) View Details
High Performance Computing With Pc Clustres: Dynamic Resourse Allocation Mr. Okello Odongo (PI) View Details
Performance Of Edf Dynamic Scheduling Algorithms For Real-time System Mr. Okelo-Odongo (PI) View Details
Computer Supported Collaborative Work And Hand Held Devices Mr. Andrew K. Mwaura (PI) View Details
Common Security For Wap Mr. Andrew Mwaura (PI) View Details
Network Quality Of Service Mr. Eric Ayienga (PI) View Details
Multiagent Systems In Resource Allocation View Details
Expert Systems Mr. Eric Ayienga (PI) View Details
Telemedicine Mr. Eric Ayienga, Dr. Peter Wagacha (PI) View Details
Mobile Telephony View Details
Natural Language Processing For Local Languages Dr. Wagacha Peter (PI) View Details
Natural Language Processing Dr. Katherine Getao (PI) View Details
Africa Internet Technology Initiative


View Details
Ict Sector Performancerreview


View Details
Real-time, Farmer-centric M&e Platform


View Details
University Of Games View Details
Developing Online Language Technology Resources For Igbo

Ford Foundation

View Details

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